Reach more customers and increase profits with Sage 200 eCommerce integration

Easily manage your accounting, distribution, inventory management and eCommerce with Sage 200. A customisable solution designed to help retailers grow.

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Retail and eCommerce is an exceptionally challenging industry. With high customer expectations, shrinking margins and intense competition from both start-ups and global retail giants, it’s hard to know which areas of your business to prioritise for improvement.

Having seamless eCommerce integration with your back-office operations drastically reduces your cost of sale and improves customer experience allowing you to deliver consistent quality. The Gravit-e Sage 200 eCommerce add-on, suitable for both B2B and B2C transactions, significantly improves your business efficiency and gives you complete visibility over your end-to-end operations, from stock management to delivery.

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Accurately manage your supply chain and reduce costs from excess inventory

Do you have insufficient information to make quick inventory decisions? Is your cash flow tied up with excess stock? Or alternatively, are you missing opportunities and losing revenue from supply shortages?

Out-of-stocks, overstocks and returns cost retailers worldwide an average of 11.7% of their potential sales. Sage 200 provides a comprehensive inventory management system allowing you to generate orders based on real-time inventory data and fulfil your promises to customers.

With complete visibility of your operations, you can make important decisions quickly and keep your competitive edge. Get straight to the business-critical data you need, including sales, orders, invoices, productivity, budgets and profits in one solution.

Ideal for growing retailers, Sage 200 with eCommerce integration allows customers to service their own needs by tracking order statuses, viewing available inventory and tracking deliveries. Reducing the need for human intervention and the associated administrative burden results in significant cost savings.

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At Prosys Computing, we’re committed to your business and helping you succeed. We help you maximise productivity, reduce costs and ultimately achieve your company goals with Sage 200.

We know your business software is mission-critical, so our expert team work closely with you to ensure you get the most out of your Sage 200 system.

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