How premium biscuit manufacturer maintains their competitive advantage

Dorset Village Bakery, part of the Burton’s Biscuit Company Group, produce sweet biscuits and savoury products for major UK retailers. As a long-established bakery, they’re accustomed to the complex processes that characterise the food and drink industry and the need to remain competitive, but their legacy systems were holding them back.

Food and drink manufacturing


Sage 200 Professional with manufacturing ERP

Complete visibility over production operations and streamlined processes

Uncertainty with stock consumption

Like many food and beverage companies, Dorset Village Bakery struggled to anticipate demand, leading to wasted stock. Their legacy system was inefficient and unstable, absorbing a lot of administration time and impacting productivity.

A weight is lifted

Dorset Village Bakery turned to us as a local Sage business partner to implement a complete accounting, warehouse management and production system that could fully integrate with a third-party weighing system.

“Prosys Computing are the leading provider of Sage 200 within our area and offered a robust service that we wished to use to deliver our business objectives. They understood our specific requirements, particularly in relation to production and distribution, and were able to customise Sage 200 to meet the requirement for the third-party integration.”

The chosen solution, Sage 200 Professional with manufacturing ERP, was accompanied by custom development to integrate with existing tools and ensure a smooth two-way flow of information.

“Prosys Computing were very professional, taking the time to fully understand our specific business needs and requirements.

“We’d happily recommend Prosys Computing to businesses considering a move to Sage 200.”

Christian Harvell
Finance Manager, Dorset Village Bakery

The sweet smell of success

  • With Sage 200, Dorset Village Bakery have the visibility, information and control to optimise stock levels and keep costs down, reducing wastage of perishable goods.
  • Formula and recipe management has improved product and process consistency and enabled the trial of new recipes to establish production costs and efficiencies.
  • This scalable and adaptable solution helps maintain compliance and quality through strong traceability tools that facilitate better handling of recalls, expiration management, sustainability, allergen-free production and labelling.
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