Here at Prosys we have spent many years developing varied Sage 200 customisations for a wide range of customer and the ability to develop excellent bespoke systems tailored to an individual business’ needs is something we pride ourselves on.  However we’ve also come across many often-requested extensions to Sage’s functionality, so we’ve taken the time to develop a series of Add-on Packs.

Today we’re going to look at a few of the features offered by the Purchase and Sales Add-on pack:

Quick Access Options

A quick access ‘Features’ menu has been added to the side of many Sage 200 screens, offering convenient shortcuts for common activities relating to that screen.  For example, from the customer enquiry screen you can quickly create a New Invoice, Sales Order, or have a look at current or outstanding orders.


Popup Messages

Available for both suppliers and customers, this feature is implemented as an additional tab viewable from the Sales and Purchase ledger.  Messages can be entered and configured on a per customer basis, and will be displayed to the user when specified.


Advanced Customer\Supplier Search

This option allows for a customer or supplier to be quickly located based on their name, address, delivery address or an invoice number.  It is available from any screen with a customer or supplier dropdown.


Save and..

Similar to the Quick Access feature set, we have added an additional Save and… button on order entry screens.  This allows for several tasks to be completed in one click that would usually require the use of multiple Sage 200 screens.  E.g. Save and.. Acknowledge, or Save and.. Despatch for sales orders.


Add Previously Sold Items

An addition to the Sage 200 New and Amend Sales Order screens, this option displays a customer’s order history, and allows for those items to be quickly added to a new order.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our Add-On packs using the methods below.