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9 common problems with Sage 50 and how to solve them

For lots of businesses, Sage 50 is the first and only financial management solution they’ll ever need. However, as your business grows and evolves, you might start to experience productivity challenges as you push the limits of this solution.

Are you wasting time on manual processes or experiencing performance problems with Sage 50? Here we cover some of the solutions available to help you maximise your productivity.

Sage 50 problems

Are you confident using all the features of Sage 50?

You’ve probably been using Sage 50 for years and know it inside out, but is everyone else in the team as confident? If you’re having problems with Sage 50, it could be that some users need additional training to make the most of all the features.

Sage offer learning paths and certifications to ensure you have the knowledge and expertise to get the most from your Sage 50 system, including fundamentals, legislation and compliance, project costing, sales and purchase orders, and bill of materials.

If you haven’t passed the exam to become Sage Certified, this could be a good place to start to ensure you’re maximising the functionality available.

You can access the Sage 50cloud Accounts e-learning on Sage University.

Do you have a feature suggestion or a specific question you need answered?

Whether it’s Making Tax Digital, integrated app solutions or support with financial year end, Sage City is the place to go. There are a community of Sage 50 users asking questions and Sage product experts providing answers. You can also submit your ideas for new features and vote on the ones you want to see implemented first.

It’s worth checking the Sage 50 roadmap to see if your idea is already included in the next release.

Are you having technical problems with Sage 50?

If you’re experiencing an error when trying to do a specific task or something isn’t working as expected, the best place to start is the Sage Support Resources. From here you can access all the support guides and videos, the latest software updates and also submit a case online or chat to a representative.

Is Sage 50 slowing as your business is growing?

Some problems with Sage 50 can be solved with user training, Sage technical support or the range of online videos, articles and knowledgebase available to customers. However, Sage 50 is not a scalable solution for growing SMEs with more complex business processes, and consequently, some problems are because the system is being pushed beyond its capabilities.

Finance works best when there is seamless collaboration between other departments and functions, and data can be shared across the organisation in real-time. Standalone accounting systems often aren’t well-integrated which leads to an increase in manual processes, an over-reliance on spreadsheets, cumbersome workarounds, and slower workflows as you manage conflicting formats and rekey the same data in multiple systems.

If you’re having problems with Sage 50 slowing down, limited visibility and rigid reporting, you may have outgrown Sage 50 and need to consider other systems that will solve these problems.

So, how do you know if you’ve outgrown Sage 50 and what options are available?

If you’re producing workaround Excel reports, spending too much time closing the books, or unable to access financial data remotely—these could all be signs that you need a new solution that can scale with your business, like Sage 200.

We’ve put together this helpful infographic that details 9 common problems with Sage 50 and how Sage 200 could be the answer you’re looking for.

Sage 50 vs Sage 200 comparison

Download the infographic in PDF

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with Sage 50 and you’ve exhausted all the support and help resources available, then migrating to a more advanced system could be the answer to all your problems.

Sage 200 offers significantly more functionality across the whole business, but it also gives you the flexibility to customise your system with a range of modules to meet your exclusive requirements.

What’s my next step?

Before jumping into a new system, you need to clearly understand the problems you’re having with Sage 50 and the functionality you require to help you achieve your business goals.

We’ve put together an interactive guide to take you through each step of the selection process in detail, ensuring you have all the information you need to evaluate your options and make the right decision for your business.

Download the guide now

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