Easily monitor, control and cost your manufacturing processes

Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM) facilitates the highest levels of product consistency, quality, and collaboration allowing you to precisely identify and list the components required to make a particular product at any revision level.

Simplify complex processes and increase efficiency

Sage 200 Bill of Materials helps break down sophisticated processes into individual elements allocated to specific areas of your business, such as machines, materials, operations and labour. Key information is brought together in single screens, so users have all the information relevant to their day-to-day role at their fingertips.

Reduce audit times, improve product quality and ensure regulatory compliance. Sage 200 allows you to schedule and cost off-site operations, see a breakdown of your BOM costs over time and visualise cost data using charts, and ensures component shortages don’t arise due to production losses.

Perfect for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly, Sage 200 Bill of Materials provides a combined stock assembly and process costing function. It can also be used with Sage 200 Manufacturing, ensuring quick and easy identification of potential build quantities based on product and component stock.

What our customers are saying...

“From the initial project overview meeting right through to the successful completion of Sage 200 implementation, the team at Prosys Computing have always been transparent, professional and approachable.”

Matthew Keys
Financial Controller, DP Shayban

“Prosys Computing were very professional, taking the time to fully understand our specific business needs and requirements.

“We’d happily recommend Prosys Computing to businesses considering a move to Sage 200.”

Christian Harvell
Finance Manager, Dorset Village Bakery

“Sage 200 Manufacturing and Prosys Computing have been pivotal to our growth. As well as extensive time and cost savings, this manufacturing system can grow with us.”

Simon Williams
Managing Director, Swan EMS

The essential package to manage stock assembly

With Sage 200 Bill of Materials you will benefit from:

Detailed costing analysis

Calculate the cost of building BOMs based on their content (sub-assemblies, components, operations), including overhead costs. Charts enable quick and easy data analysis for costings or against planned and actual costs.

Sub-contract and piece work operations

Understand all your costs by including subcontractor costs as part of your BOM and operations.

Trial kitting and maximum build function

Quickly identify whether you have sufficient stock to build the number of items you need. See exactly what additional stock is required and generate multiple purchase orders at the click of a button.

Visual representations of product components and levels

Explode BOMs and view the component details within the BOMs, or you can implode the components to see which BOMs they lie within.

Save time when entering new BOMs

Use the copy option to quickly produce a Bill of Materials and create a library of operations stored as templates for future use.

Version control

BOM versioning keeps control of amendments to product builds, giving you greater control and the ability to maintain visibility of older ‘versions’ of the product for audit and spares provisioning.

Sage 200 modules

Sage 200 offers you the flexibility to customise your system with a range of modules to meet your unique business requirements. As your business grows and changes you can add to your suite of modules to increase functionality, so which modules are right for you?

Want to know how Sage 200 Bill of Materials could benefit your business?

Our accredited Sage 200 consultants would love to chat with you about your current challenges and goals as a growing business, explaining which modules can take your company to the next level.

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