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Catch up on our Sage 200 customer webinar series

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we run a free monthly Sage 200 webinar to help you get the most out of your system. We hope you’ve found these useful and always welcome suggestions if there are any topics you would like us to cover.

If you missed any or want a refresher, the following recordings are available on request:

January 2022 – Sage 200 foreign currency processing

Sage 200 foreign currency processing

In this month’s webinar, we look at customers, suppliers and bank account transactions, with detailed explanations about the revaluation process to make trading overseas simpler and more streamlined.

February 2022 – Improving stationary layouts with Sage 200

Sage 200 Report Designer

Brand consistency is an important part of building trust. Giving customers a dependable experience across all your channels of communication works along the same lines as always putting out a dependable product.

In this customer webinar, we review the Sage 200 Report Designer – specifically amending and maintaining your stationery layouts.

Ensure your correspondence with your customers and suppliers all have that professional look and feel, with your logos and consistent company branding.

March 2022 – What’s new with Sage 200? – 2022 R1 new features

Sage 200 2022 R1

The new Sage 200 Professional release (launched 21st February) is part of a continued push to a contemporary, more streamlined Sage 200 solution that will support you working from home, the field and the office by allowing access to your business-critical data.

In this month’s webinar, see how Sage is enhancing Sage 200 with an overview of the new features for Sage 200 Professional.

We review web applications and the growing use of workspaces within the system.

April 2022 – Automate your supplier payments with Sage 200

Automate your supplier payments with Sage 200

This Sage 200 customer webinar looks at purchase ledger payment processing. Automate your supplier payment processes using the Sage 200 payment features, with integration to your banking software, and streamline your payments by setting up multiple payment groups.

January 2021 – Sage 200 2020 R2 new features

Sage 200 2020 R2 features

Sage 200 Professional 2020 R2 has been designed to help with the Brexit transition from 1st January 2021, and includes some new features such as:

1.            New VAT term for postponed VAT accounting

2.            Two new default VAT rates

In this webinar we demonstrate the new features and discuss some of the impacts of the Brexit trading requirements.

February 2021 – Best practices

Sage 200 best practices

In this month’s webinar, we look at Sage 200 best practices. Learn some essential housekeeping tasks that will maintain the integrity of your data, help identify anomalies and troubleshoot reconciliation, as well as other important checks and balances.

April 2021 – Stationery layouts

Sage 200 stationery layouts

In this customer webinar, we look at amending stationery layouts using the standard Sage 200 Report Designer.

From a basic invoice layout, we create a professional, branded version that can be sent out to customers either by post or via email.

May 2021 – Cash Book functionality

Sage 200 cash book

This Sage 200 webinar reviews the functions available within the Cash Book module.

Learn how to utilise the cash book features to speed up your bank processes such as bank reconciliations, standing orders and direct debits, and foreign bank revaluation.

June 2021 – Processing supplier payments

Sage 200 processing supplier payments

In this month’s webinar, we cover processing supplier payments with Sage 200 and how these processes can be streamlined to avoid printing and posting cheques and remittances including:

  • Purchase ledger payment options – bulk payments and by individual account etc.
  • Automated payment processing – generating and refining the suggested payments schedule.
  • Remittances – automating sending remittances to suppliers by email.
  • Bacs processing of the payments online directly through the banking system.
  • Reviewing the updates to the Purchase Ledger, Cash Book and Nominal Ledger

July 2021 – Housekeeping and data archiving

In this customer webinar, we concentrate on archiving and purging data from all modules to clear up old data and provide a more streamlined view of current data. We also review some best practices to ensure the integrity of your Sage 200 data.

August 2021 – Barcoding and warehouse management

Barcoding and warehouse management Sage 200

This webinar is aimed at company directors, decision-makers and warehouse/store managers with responsibility for ensuring optimum inventory control and efficient warehouse management.

As an addition to your existing Sage 200 system, the seamlessly integrated barcoding and warehouse management modules will help boost accuracy, performance, and customer satisfaction.

We show you how you can get an end-to-end view of warehouse operations and performance, maximising customer satisfaction with quick and accurate order fulfilment.

View the Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing datasheet

September 2021 – The power of eCommerce

Unlock the power of eCommerce with Sage 200

This webinar is for company directors, marketing executives and decision-makers responsible for maximising online sales to B2B and B2C customers.

As an addition to your existing Sage 200 system, Gravit-e is a powerful eCommerce platform seamlessly integrated into the accounts, stock and sales order processing systems, saving time while delivering an exceptional online experience to your customers.

We show you how you can:

  • Create a fast and easy online ordering process that customers will come back to time and time again
  • Build an engaging and comprehensive online catalogue that will help your customers find the products they need
  • Increase order value using tailored upsells and promotions
  • Reduce your cost of sale by automating and integrating sales order processing for online orders

Find out more about Sage 200 eCommerce integration

October 2021 – Fixed asset management

Sage 200 Fixed Assets feature

In this month’s customer webinar, we review the standard Sage 200 Fixed Asset feature that allows you to set up, depreciate, dispose of and delete assets such as plant and machinery or other equipment. We also explore the more comprehensive features found in the Sicon Fixed Asset module.

November 2021 – Month end processing

Sage 200 month end processing

This month’s webinar covers the month end process for Sage 200 to help you streamline your processes, reducing time and stress!

This session includes balancing ledgers, stock take processing, reconciling sales and purchase ledgers, plus the closing of accounting periods

December 2021 – Year end processing

Sage 200 year end processing

This Sage 200 webinar takes you through the financial accounting year end procedures within Sage 200. Learn how to create a backup company, prepare your final financial statements, archive transactions and close down the end of year accounts. 

To receive a copy of any of our customer webinars please email

If you would like any additional, refresher or group Sage 200 training, this can be arranged with your Sage 200 consultant, as well as on-demand webinar recordings to watch at your own pace to help you onboard new staff.

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