Sage 200 in Food and Drink

Whether manufacturing food or drink, or in the wholesale or retail sector, the industry has it's own unique challenges which Sage 200 is ideally suited to meet. Advanced batch numbered traceability with product specific attributes help ensure product quality and safety.

Sage 200 - the recipe for success!

Managing perishable goods safely and profitably are critical within the industry which is why Sage 200 is such an effective solution. Supply chain visibility through end to end product traceability saves time and stress when issues arise. Sell/use by dates are recorded and reported ensuring effient stock turnover and replenishment. Allergen information can also be stored and reported against products and ingredients.

If you manufacture food or drink then the Sage 200 Manufacturing suite is a complete ERP system managing your blends and recipes right through production and on to completion. The stock and warehouse management systems ensure your distribution operations can be adapted to meet your most demanding of customer needs.

Prosys Computing has worked with dozens of companies within this sector and have developed an extensive knowledge of the regulatory, systematic and operational needs in both manufacturing and wholesale and distribution operations.

From agricultural produce processors in West Wales to distilleries and nutritional food manufacturers, our consultants are experienced experts offering sector specific advice and guidance to our customers to maximise the benefit of Sage 200 to their businesses.

Food and Drink Case Study