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Sage 200 Manufacturing: What’s changing and what’s new?

Last year Sage announced they are retiring the Sage 200 Manufacturing modules, placing them in a ‘support only’ mode and ending new sales from 1st November 2020. So, what does this mean for you as a Sage customer and your production operations?

Sage 200 Manufacturing - What’s changing and what’s new

Understandably, any change is a concern for customers who want to maintain and build upon the essential functionality that’s mission-critical to their business operations. However, the good news is that the replacement modules, powered by Sicon, will be even more powerful and aligned with the latest manufacturing practices and technologies.

For customers using warehousing and manufacturing shop floor data capture, the new modules replace the cumbersome and expensive bar code readers needed previously with current Android and iOS technology. Furthermore, the new manufacturing modules introduce enhanced rough-cut capacity planning, non-conformity processing, automatic works order route planning and many more benefits over the previous modules.

As a Sage 200 specialist business partner, we’re well-versed with the suite of seamlessly integrated Sicon modules. Our familiarity with these systems means we can help existing customers using the old Sage 200 Manufacturing modules to plan their upgrade and create a timeline that works for them.

The migration process itself is straightforward as the new modules immediately pick-up existing data. You will need additional training to ensure your users are ready for the successful operation of the new modules when you go live. Our expert Sage 200 Consultants will plan a training schedule with you so you can take full advantage of the additional benefits of the system and further grow your business.

Some of our customers have already adopted the new Sage 200 manufacturing modules and are being migrated with the assistance of our specialist manufacturing consultants, including Swan EMS, an electronics manufacturer in South Wales, who are expanding and want to further improve accuracy, speed and productivity.

For Sage 200 customers who choose to stay with the old version for now, the software will continue to be supported in line with the support for the version of the core financial and commercial modules, so there’s no need to panic and rush to take any immediate action. However, we’re more than happy to chat through your options, explaining the upgrade and migration process.

If you’re a Sage customer using the existing manufacturing modules and you’d like to find out more about the new features get in touch to arrange a tailored demo.

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