Management Information Systems

In addition to some 300 standard reports within Sage 200, the user has a range of reporting toolus available in order to create advanced bespoke reports and graphics based on the system data. The options include a stadard report writer which can be used to enhance existing reports and create new ones: Excel integration which maximises the power of Excel to produce incredibly concise and incisive reports and Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI) which offers a wide range of reports, graphical presentations and workspaces along with the ability to create new bespoke reports at will.

1. Prosys Business Analytics (Customised Dashboards)

Prosys Analytics provides information management tools that are used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or a specific process. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance

  • Dynamic ,High Level KPI aligned reporting
  • Data can be extracted and presented at various levels
  • Reports dynamically update based on user controlled settings
  • Structured and real-time information provides consistent decision making
  • Dynamic Reports constructed to your personal requirements



2. Sage 200 Excel Reporting

A number of reports are provided as standard with Sage 200, providing a customisable reporting tool that allows you to take data from Sage 200 and filter, format and formulate within Excel.


  • Add your own data to workbooks along with charts and formulas
  • Get in-depth analysis on specific business functions such as financials or stock levels
  • Pivot and analyse data in more detail
  • Workbooks can easily be uploaded and you can run them time and time again with refreshed data


3. Sage 200 Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence module is a business analysis tool that comes as standard with Sage 200.

It enables you to mine your data across every aspect of your business. You can identify customer and product trends and measure performance against different benchmarks

  • Standard, out of the box Business Analytics utility
  • Data Warehouses store information to minimise impact on ‘Live’ site
  • Suite of pre-Defined Reports allowing quick access to key data
  • Ability to create User-Defined Reports to meet business need
  • Reports are deployed through MS Excel to allow greater flexibility