Are you using a supported version of Sage 200?




It is standard practise for technology companies to withdraw support for older versions of their software and Sage is no different.  We encourage users of Sage 200 to check that the version they are using is still supported by Sage or whether it has reached its end of life.  If the software has reached it's end of life then it is time to start making plans to upgrade and Prosy Computing are here to help.

Check the Sage 200 versions below that are no longer supported by Sage.

Sage Extra 2010                 EOL 31st Oct 2016

Sage Extra 2011                 EOL 30th Apr 2018

Sage Extra 2013                 EOL 31st Oct 2018

Sage Extra 2015                 EOL 30th Sept 2019

Sage Extra 2016                 EOL 30th Sept 2020

If you are using one on the versions on this list then it is time to upgrade to the latest 200c version.  Please contact us now and we will go through the timescales, project plan and the new features of the latest version of 200c.